New Mum Wellbeing Formula - 5 Steps to Worry Free Digestion, No Cravings and Permanent Weight Loss

New Mum Wellbeing Formula

5 Steps to Worry-free digestion, No Cravings and Permanent Weight Loss | taught by Liz Davis

Course description

I remember how awful I used to feel when I was in the grips of sugar addiction.  As a new mum I felt like I was chasing my tail all day and had to grab any convenient snacks I could to keep going - usually cake or biscuits.

My digestion was suffering and I knew I couldn't go on like this.

I appreciate entirely what it feels like to want to lose weight, have loads of energy and be in a good mood like everyone else seems to be, but be clueless about what it is you're doing 'wrong'. You look online there's so much information and it all involves eating way too much salad and veg.

'The New Mum Wellbeing Formula - 5 Steps to worry-free digestion, no cravings and permanent weight loss

  • A complete shopping list so you have all the required ingredients ready and waiting for when you want to get going.
  • Five quick and easy breakfast and snack recipes to fill you up so you don't have to spend ages in the kitchen first thing in the morning, whilst trying to get everyone off to school/work/nursery.
  • The lowdown on the basics of good balanced nutrition so you can ensure you keep hunger pangs at bay and curtail those biscuit/cake/crisp cravings.
  • Mini, bite-sized pieces of information: Just the essentials. No fluff. To make sure you have the essentials on board to enable you to make wise food choices in the future.
  • And absolutely no pricey, hard to get hold of, strange ingredients so you don't waste money on stuff you'll never use again.
  • Meal plans, recipes, healthy treat recipes and a quick reference guide for when you're out and about are all included
Liz Davis
Liz Davis
Registered Nutritionist BA (Hons) Dip ION mBANT CNHC

I'm a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and mum of two. I've spent around ten years studying nutritional science - through trial and error and formal study. I lost all my excess baby weight after baby #2 almost instantly, whilst eating healthily and most definitely not starving myself ... I love to eat as much as the next person.

But it hasn't always been that way. With baby #1 I can paint a very different picture ...

I'd had antibiotic treatment after the birth and my weight ballooned.

I felt exhausted, spaced out and had huge energy dips throughout the day.

I really thought I did eat healthily, and I thought that feeling this way was normal after having a baby. Let me tell you - it doesn't have to be!

Now I'm 2-3 dress sizes smaller than I was 10 years ago, I have loads more energy and I definitely don't spend hours in the kitchen - my talents lie in getting healthy, nutritionally balanced and filling meals to the table double-quick.

Course Curriculum

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Step 1 - The Blood Sugar Balancing Act
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Step 2 - The Importance of Protein
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Step 3 - Fats Are Not the Enemy
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Step 4 - Your Best Friend Fibre
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Step 5 - Gut Friendly Bacteria
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BONUS - New Mum Wellbeing Formula 'Done for You' 5 day meal plan
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BONUS - Cheatin' Treats Mini Recipe Collection
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BONUS - Nutrient Checklist Infographic
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